NLB have the following upcoming Tender Opportunities:

  • Helicopter Services (Collaboration with NLB, Trinity House and Irish Lights)
  • Waste Management Services (Edinburgh and Oban)
  • Fleet Vehicles including Charging Points
  • Finance System
  • Engineering Support Services
  • Shore to Ship Power
  • Telematics for Vehicles
  • Satellite Broadband for NLV Pharos and Pole Star
  • Mezzanine Floor for Oban Base office

Upcoming Lighthouse Refurbishment / Redecoration Projects

  • Fife Ness
  • Rattray Head
  • Girdle Ness
  • Loch Indaal
  • Bass Rock
  • Coreswall
  • Calf of Eday
  • Ailsa Craig
  • Sule Skerry

Transforming Public Procurement Update

Public Procurement law is changing. As a supplier of goods, works or services to the DfT we would like to ensure you know about the changes and have ample time to prepare.

The Procurement Act 2023 Knowledge Drops are now available and have been designed to provide a high-level overview of the changes to the procurement regulations. There is a Knowledge Drop aimed at Suppliers and one aimed at SME and VCSE suppliers. 

These will give viewers an understanding of:

  • what the new regulations are
  • contracting authorities’ obligations
  • the benefits of new more flexible procurement
  • changes to framework agreements
  • key actions to take to prepare for the new rules.

The Knowledge Drop for SME and VCSE suppliers will cover the same outcomes but also give viewers an understanding of:

  • the new obligation to have regard for SMEs
  • improvements to prompt payment terms
  • additional benefits for the SME and VCSE sectors.

These are provided on YouTube and both series are divided into 3 parts which should take around 45 minutes to complete.

To access the Knowledge Drops on GOV.UK please copy this link: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/the-official-transforming-public-procurement-knowledge-drops